The regulations on the CFTS board of experts

The board of experts is the advisory body of the Center for Transport Strategies (hereinafter CFTS). It provides information and analytical support and prepares proposals on issues related to the reform of the Ukrainian transport industry.

Individual members of the board of experts are appointed at the initiative of CFTS. The membership is voluntary and open for the representatives of the political, business, and academic sectors with broad recognition and authority in their professional or public activities.

The main objectives of the board of experts are:

- finding solutions for the most efficient development of the country’s transport industry with the aim of modernizing the country's infrastructure and increasing the competitiveness of the Ukrainian economy;

- creating conditions for civilized dialogue between representatives of domestic and foreign businesses, government agencies, and society in the process of economy infrastructure modernization:.

To achieve these goals, the board of experts performs the following functions:

- participates in the operations of the CFTS as a deliberative community of experts for forming the center’s strategic course;

- prepares analytical and information materials and recommendations on the transport sector reforms as well as options for improving the efficiency of companies’ operations;

- facilitates cooperation between government agencies and enterprises in developing optimal solutions for the Ukraine’s transport sector reform;

- analyzes the legislation for administrative barriers and other impediments to businesses development and prepares proposals on improving the regulatory and legal framework.

The main mechanism for performing the functions and operations of the board of experts are publications (opinion pieces, commentaries, interviews, etc.) on the web portal of the CFTS and in partner publications; participation in working groups, roundtables, conferences, and other projects organized with the CFTS partnership.

The composition of the board of experts is to be approved by the director of the CFTS.

Members of the board of experts work without remuneration.

The CFTS provides organizational, informational, and technical support for the operations of the board of experts.