The Administration of Seaports of Ukraine (ASU) is drafting measures for technical upgrade and development of the water areas of seaports, the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure has announced.

According to the press service, the main aim of the measures is to organize long-term planning of the development of seaports, taking all the port operators engaging in cargo handling into account.

"The development of the water areas of seaports is one of the key tasks of the ASU, and our duty is to ensure equal conditions for efficient operations of all the port operators that handle cargoes within a particular water area. We are speaking of gradually increasing the depths of water areas in clear relation to the changing conditions in the Black Sea market. This is long-term, strategic work, and it will create conditions for more effective planning of the operations of all the business entities operating in a seaport," the head of the ASU’s department of strategic development, Viacheslav Voronyi, is quoted as saying in a statement.

The decision to order this complex work from a specialized design organization was made at a meeting of the ASU’s investment and technical council on June 24. The ASU will involve all interested entities, including port operators, in the preparation of the pre-design concepts, the statement said.