The International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is part of the World Bank Group, will provide USD 300,000 for financing preparation to operate the Kherson seaport as a concession. This was announced by IFC representative Oleh Kudashov, the Kherson seaport said.

According to the announcement, a competition is expected to be held by the end of November to select an international consultant for implementation of the project.

"The World Bank Group will finance a preliminary feasibility study for the project. The process will last a few months. It will be a detailed work, a study regarding the form in the concession will be operated, the conditions under which a private partner will be involved, and its obligations," Kudashov said.

The Kherson seaport’s acting Director Andrii Sokolov recently said that the seaport could be offered to investors as a concession in parts, although he did not exclude the option of a concession on the entire seaport. According to Sokolov, the drafting of a project for development of the seaport will take about 4-5 months from the beginning of its financing.

The Kherson seaport is located on the right bank of River Dnipro, 28 kilometers from the Dnieper-Bug estuary and 96 kilometers from the Black Sea. Its approach canal has a depth of up to 7.6 meters. There is a railway link to the seaport’s transshipment facility and seven railway tracks on its territory. The Kherson seaport has one cargo area, where general and bulk cargoes are processed. In addition, there are two plants with berths on the left bank River Dnipro, which allows reception and processing of cargo vessels. The length of the berthing line in this area is 1,262 meters. The water depth at the edge of the berth is 7.6 meters, which allows it to receive ships of up to 20,000 deadweight tons.