The Italian bulk carrier Cavaliere Grazia Bottiglieri has been loaded with iron-ore concentrate from the Yuzhny ore mining and enrichment plant (part of the SCM group) in a record time of 51 hours at the Yuzhny seaport’s berth No. 6, the press service of the port has announced.

In total, 175,329.386 tons of cargo was loaded onto the Cavaliere Grazia Bottiglieri (which has a capacity if 178,132 tons and flies the flag of Italy). The loading lasted 51 hours and the loading intensity was 82,508 tons per day.

The high speed of processing of the Cavaliere Grazia Bottiglieri bulk carrier at the berth No. 6 was facilitated by the existence of the right depth and the availability of special handling equipment - gantry cranes of the Tucan type (a lifting height of up to 28 meters and a loading capacity of up to 2,000 tons per hour). The final draft of the ship was 18.5 meters.

The largest shipper of goods through the Yuzhny seaport is the SCM group, which shipped 11.3 million tons of goods through the port in the first six months of 2015 (47% of the port’s total cargo turnover).

The SCM group’s cargo traffic through Ukrainian ports totaled 32.2 million tons (22.3% of the total volume of maritime cargo transshipment in Ukraine) in 2014. The largest transshipment base for the SCM group is Yuzhny, where its transshipment volume totaled 19.2 million tons in 2014, including 12.2 million tons through the Yuzhny seaport and 7 million tons through TIS. In total, the SCM group transships its goods through 10 seaports in Ukraine.