Transport Book - a brand new guide on transport industry of Ukraine

Center for Transport Strategies has prepared the first systematic review of the freight flows and basic indicators of the transport infrastructure of Ukraine - Transport Book 2016. The survey is based on unique and detailed data prepared by CFTS experts on the basis of five years’ experience in consulting projects of leading railway and port business operators, financial organizations. The major part of information is unique and presented in public for the first time.

The review consists of three sections: transport infrastructure, railway transport, sea transport and ports. There are more than 250 trends and 3 000 facts presented on 36 pages in convenient and accessible format forming a complete and reliable picture of the transport business of Ukraine.

We focused our attention on the railway and ports as on the key components of export-import logistics chains that form 2/3 of the total freight traffic of the Ukrainian economy.

The target audience of the Transport Book 2016 includes industry leaders, top managers of the largest shipping companies and transport business operators, experts of international financial organizations. The handbook will also be of interest to a wide range of readers.

The price of Transport Book 2016 is 1 500 UAH.

Concerning the purchase of the handbook, please contact