Natalia Artiomova
Competition Cannot Be Held Back Indefinitely

The commercial director of Wizz Air Ukraine discusses liberalization of the aviation market with Europe, the advantages of low-cost airlines, and the concept of a flagship carrier in an exclusive column for CTS.

Yurii Miroshnikov
Why Ukraine’s Skies Should Not Be Opened To Europe Now

In an exclusive column for the CTS, the president of Ukraine International Airlines, which is the largest airline company in Ukraine, argues that accession of Ukraine to the European Common Aviation Area is premature and justifies the concept for a flagship carrier.

Yurii Vaskov
Concession Is Understood By All

Following the adoption of the Law on Seaports, which has opened up new opportunities for investment in the maritime industry, the Ministry of Infrastructure is drafting proposals to potential investors on concession contracts for operation of several port facilities. What are prospective investors ready to offer to the Odesa seaport?

Mark Magaletsky
Lending to UZ without Government Guarantees is Rather the Norm

Mark Magaletsky oversees the EBRD’s operations in the transportation, municipal infrastructure, energy, and natural resource sectors in Ukraine (which account for 56 projects worth a total of more than USD 2.5 billion), as well as policy dialogue with central and local government agencies. With 14% of the disbursed funds, the transport sector is presently is the largest of the bank's credit projects in the real sector of the Ukrainian economy.

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