A Month Without a Deal

Volodymyr Demenko
Challenges for EU railways: How to organise exports from Ukraine in wartime?

Armin Wagner
Ukraine: Initial thoughts on the impact of war on transport and a potential action plan

This article presents initial observations and thoughts on the necessary restoration of Ukraine's transport system as well as the prospect of re-orientation.

Alina Kostiuchenko
Breaking Out of Occupation: How We Escaped from Russian Invaders

Two weeks living in Russian-occupied Nemishaeve, near Bucha, and an escape under fire, a CFTS journalist's personal experience.

Vivek Menon
The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN): The results of the first's year work in Ukraine

Associate Director of MACN on what was the first year of its work in Ukraine.

Frederik Coene
Cooperation between the EU and Ukraine in the transport sector: challenges and vectors of development

Andrii Pidhainyi
Attention! Sea Ports… Fresh Sea Ports Go on Sale

What we need to know about the upcoming privatization of small and large stevedoring companies.

Artyom Volkov
Regulation on Taking Water Samples is Published. What’s new?

The real effect from approval of the Regulation could be evaluated within 1-2 months – at that time we will understand whether and which exactly changes are required.

Michal Leman
How FlixBus Business Model is Built

After announcing the release of FlixBus to the Ukrainian market, we received lots of appeals for cooperation with Ukrainian partners. I'll try to explain how it works.

Yevhen Dykhne
Delays of Charter Flights: Ethics vs. Business

Delays or cancellations of charter flights are often viewed in terms of legal responsibility or its absence. Unfortunately, very few people view them in terms of business ethics.

Andrii Isaiev
The Volume of Cargo Transportation on River Dnipro is Increasing. Is It Developing?

The volume of cargo transportation on River Dnipro increased by 14% in the first six months of this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year. Is the structure of the cargoes being transported heartening?

Artyom Volkov
Prevention of sea pollution or ecological terrorism?

“Sea defenders” act under familiar scheme: attendance the vessel – inspection report – request letter on vessel’s detention in the name of the harbor master.

Jock Mendoza-Wilson
Ports are the Life Blood of an Open Economy

The transformation of the port sector cannot be achieved by the government sector alone.

Georgii Zubko
Georgii Zubko: Boryspil Airport Embarks on the Road to Creating a Multimodal Hub

What the airport has already achieved and how it will develop in the coming years.

Raivis Veckagans
Ports of Mykolaiv: Prospective Development Territories

What the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority has already done for the port industry in the Mykolaiv region and what awaits it in the near future.

Yurii Vaskov
What Needs To Be Done To Launch Alternative Transit Routes

Ukraine could become a transit country for delivery of raw materials from the Southern Hemisphere to Europe, through ports and by rail to the country’s western border crossings.

Roman Khmil
How We are Changing the Rules on the Market of Bus Services In Ukraine

"Carriers are increasingly encountering abuse of the monopoly positions of owners of bus stations," Roman Khmil, the head of the department of motor transport at the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, wrote in an exclusive column for the CFTS portal.

Boguslaw Kowalski
I Urge Unselfish Cooperation With Ukraine

A speech by Zespoł Doradcow Gospodarczych TOR’s general director Boguslaw Kowalski at the opening of the Ukrainian section of the European Rolling Stock Forum 2015, which took place in Warsaw on 11 March.

Artur Nitsevich
Ukrainе–EU Association Agreement - in focus Trade, Maritime and Customs

The Association Agreement between the European Union, the European Atomic Energy Community and their Member States, of the one part, and Ukraine, of the other part (hereinafter "the Agreement") is an international agreement aimed at deepening integration between the EU and Ukraine in the sphere of politics, trade, culture, and strengthening of security.

Vadym Tretiak
Why Market Liberalization Will Revitalize the Airline Industry

The commercial director of Wizz Air Ukraine discusses the company’s results for the first nine months of 2014, the impact of the current crisis on the industry, state support for the airline industry, and new destinations in an exclusive column for CFTS.

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