CTS is an independent information and consulting center that focuses on research into individual transport and infrastructure projects, as well as on analyzing and forecasting the development of the transport complex.

Our mission is to provide information and solutions aimed at improving the competitive advantages of our customers, industries, and the economy of Ukraine as a whole. We strive to influence the quality of management and investment decisions, and we work with leading Ukrainian and international companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to achieve this.

The CTS currently focuses on the following tasks:

Analytical research into cargo traffics in Ukraine, the European Union, Russia, and Kazakhstan; strategic development of companies; prospects for new transport projects

Information about the key trends in the development of the transport industry through publications on the web portal of the center

Systematic dialogue between business and the government, the mass media and experts with the aim of making informed decisions on reform of the Ukrainian transport sector.

Monitoring changes to the regulatory framework and the regulatory policy in the transport industry.