25 May 2022

Export Of 22 Million Tons Of Grain From Ukrainian Ports Being Blocked - Zelenskyy

The president noted that the invaders are gradually taking Ukrainian grain out of the ports.

DTEK Energy Completes Test Deliveries Of 50,000 Tons Of Coal To Poland By Rail 20 May 2022

The possibility of regularly exporting energy is currently being considered.

24 May 2022

Sailors Not Allowed To Leave Ukraine For Work During Martial Law

The parliament has rejected a petition to allow sailors to travel abroad.

23 May 2022

EU Transport System Technically Not Ready To Transport Large Volumes Of Ukrainian Cargo - Ukrzaliznytsia

It needs additional rolling stock - wagons and locomotives - and the construction of certain branches needs to be completed to enable it to handle larger volumes of cargo.

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Commissions 23 Barges Since Beginning Of War

In addition, 13 barges are in the process of obtaining their ship's papers.

Food Blackmail: Russia Demands Lifting Of Sanctions In Exchange For Lifting Blockade Of Ukrainian Ports

20 May 2022

Russian Bombardment Of Azovstal Poses Threat Of Man-Made Disaster In Sea Of Azov

A technical structure holding back tens of thousands of tons of concentrated hydrogen sulfide solution could be damaged.

19 May 2022

Ukraine Will Be Able To Export 20 Million Tons Of Grain In 3 Months Via EU Infrastructure

Work is being done 24/7 to create "green corridors" for exporting grain, as well as to simplify and speed up inspections at Ukraine’s borders with the EU.

18 May 2022

Deutsche Bahn Begins Exporting Ukrainian Grain

DB Cargo has launched a mechanism that will help transport large quantities of agricultural products to ports in the North Sea and the Adriatic.

1 April 2022

30 Railway Workers Detained In Belarus In Connection With "Rail War"

Currently, the lion's share of Belarusian KGB employees has been thrown into the fight against information leaks and the "rail war."

First Ukrainian Corn Shipments By Rail Depart For EU

Grain exports have traditionally gone through Black Sea ports, which are temporarily being blocked by the Russian Federation.

Ukraine Negotiating With Poland On Complete Closure Of Polish-Belarusian Border

Ukrainian diplomats are also holding talks with Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

31 March 2022

Ukraine Loses USD 1.5 Billion In Revenue From Food Exports In 1 Month Of War

Up to 30,000 tons of Ukrainian grain products are currently exported by rail daily.

Zelenskyi Asks Norway For Anti-Ship Missiles

The president of Ukraine also requested NASAMS air defense systems.

30 March 2022

Russia Using Mines Seized In Annexed Crimea In Black Sea - Foreign Ministry

The sea mines that were discovered off the coast of Turkey and Romania are not registered with the Ukrainian Navy.

Ukrzaliznytsia Allocates 50 Passenger Cars In 32 Trains For Delivery Of Humanitarian Aid

This will make it possible to separate Ukrzaliznytsia’s humanitarian mission from its core operation.

Emirates To Continue Flying To Russia

The airline's chief executive officer said that it would continue flying to Russia as long as the state required it to fly there.

Ukraine To Set Up Panel Of Experts To Analyze International Sanctions On Russia

A panel of Ukrainian and international experts will analyze the sanctions against Russia and their effects.

29 March 2022

Damage To Ukraine’s Infrastructure Due To Russian Invasion Estimated At USD 119 Billion

The total amount of losses inflicted on the country is estimated at USD 565 billion.

Model Of Attack Drone To Be Equipped With Ukrainian Engine Displayed In Turkey

The UAV will be equipped with an engine manufactured by Ivchenko-Progress.

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