Never Say Never: Air Astana’s Vice President on the Possibility of Flying to New Destinations in Ukraine

What are the favorite destinations of the Kazakh airline’s Ukrainian passengers, what is their share of Air Astana’s passenger traffic, how will the airline’s aircraft fleet be upgraded, and will FlyArystan fly to Ukraine?

Discovery of Germany – Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich – is Important to Us: an Interview with the Kharkiv Airport’s General Director Volodymyr Vasylchenko

The Kharkiv airport’s general director Volodymyr Vasylchenko discusses promising destinations from the Kharkiv airport, negotiations with airlines, and the expected passenger traffic in 2019 in an interview with the CFTS portal.

We Consider Ukraine an Industrial Partner: an Interview with Alstom

An interview with Alstom’s Senior Vice President for Europe Gian Luca Erbacci

We Are Expanding Our Presence in Ukraine – Interview with Lufthansa Group

Stefan Kreuzpaintner and Rene Koinzack, top managers of Lufthansa Group, in an interview with CFTS talking about airlines success on global and Ukrainian markets, competition with low-cost carriers and plans for Ukraine.

We Have a Clear Overview of the Needs of Ukrzaliznytsia - Interview with Alstom

Interview with the managing director of Alstom in Western and Central Asia, Bernard Peille, about the prospects for the French company to enter the Ukrainian market.

Vyacheslav Feklin: Ukraine Is A Strategic Market For General Electric

Vyacheslav Feklin, CEO of General Electric in Ukraine, in an interview with CFTS talks about the negotiations with Ukrzaliznytsia, supplying locomotives and establishing the local production in Ukraine.

Implementation of The Transport Strategy Is Impossible Without Action Plan – Interview with Director General of EU DG MOVE

Why Ukraine need the transport strategy, what it should contain and what the government should do for its implementation – Henrik Hololei, Director-General for Mobility and Transport at European Commission, talking in an interview with the CFTS.

Slawomir Nowak: "I Have Survived This Year. A Kamikaze Does Not Survive"

In an exclusive interview with the CTFS portal, Slawomir Nowak discusses his success in Ukravtodor, failures and the plans for future.

New Aircraft As A Basis For Efficiency – Interview With CEO Of airBaltic

Martin Gauss, CEO of airBaltic, talks on the features of Bombardier CS300 operations, development plans and his airline's advantages in the competitive struggle with the low-cost carriers.

Ryanair Brings Passengers To You, And It Is Up To You To Learn To Make Money From Them - Interview With The Lithuanian Airports’ Chief Commercial Officer

Jurate Baltrusaityte, the chief commercial officer of Lithuanian Airports, the company that manages all the airports in Lithuania, discussed Lithuania’s experience of negotiations with Ryanair in an interview with the CFTS portal.

Mark Magaletsky: We learned about all the charms of corporate wars and trials

EBRD senior banker Mark Magaletsky talks about railcars, investments, trials, corporate wars and domestic pets.

Our Goal Is To Open More Connections To Ukraine – Interview With Pegasus Airlines

Why Pegasus Airlines have not gone from Ukraine in a difficult for the country period, on the load factor of Ukrainian flights and to which airports the airline would like to fly – Serkan Atli, Pegasus Airlines Assistant Sales Manager, talking in an interview to the CFTS portal.

Yevhen Dykhne on Plans to Remain at the Boryspil Airport: Dialogue with the New Director Lies Ahead

In an interview with the CFTS portal, the Boryspil international airport’s acting general director discusses his desire to continue the work he began at the airport, the key performance indicators set by the minister of infrastructure, the “Soviet past," and the prospects for development of the country’s main airports.

Ukraine should establish the priorities of its transport policy – Interview with Philippe Burghelle-Vernet

Why do Ukraine need a brand new transport strategy, what key points should it contain, when will the final edition be ready, and what is the mechanism of its implementation – Philippe Burghelle-Vernet, transport expert of Support Group for Ukraine, in an interview to the CFTS.

Wojciech Balczun: "I am Here to Change Ukraine’s Unpleasant Reality"

In an exclusive interview with the CTFS portal, Wojciech Balczun discusses when the result of his work will become apparent, the difference between real changes and reforms conducted in PowerPoint and on Facebook.

We focus on transparency across the entire infrastructure sector but not on specific projects - Interview with CoST manager

John Hawkins, CoST Programme Manager, tells about the differences between CoST work in Ukraine and in other countries, and what amount was saved thanks to activity of the initiative.

We Need a New Runway: an Interview with the Director of the Odesa Airport

When will the new terminal at the Odesa airport be completed, will there be a new runway, why are airlines returning, and how is the Odesa airport competing with other airports? The Odesa airport’s Director Vitalii Portianko answers these questions in an interview with the CFTS portal.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Revive Steam Locomotives - Interview With The Head Of Retro Railway Division

In an interview with the CFTS portal, the head of Ukrzaliznytsia’s department for preservation of retro railway equipment, Vladyslav Plakhotniuk, discusses how Ukrzaliznytsia intends to restore historical wagons and locomotives, the source of funds for it, and the fate awaiting them.

Volodymyr Omelian: I Am Aware that this is Not a Startup (Part 2)

In the second part of this interview, we ask Omelian what he expects from Ukrzaliznytsia’s head Wojciech Balczun, whether there will be highway concessions in Ukraine, and to whom he "made an offer" in the Ukrainian port Authority.

Volodymyr Omelian: I Am Aware That This Is Not A Startup

In the first part of his interview with the CFTS, we ask Volodymyr Omelian whether a technocrat or a politician makes a better minister, his main objectives, and what his predecessor left for him in the anecdotal "three envelopes."

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