Key Points Of the New Ukrzaliznytsia Director’s Agenda

Acting General Director of the State Railway Administration (Ukrzaliznytsia) Oleksandr Zavhorodnyi discusses corruption, lustration, his ambitions, cargoes, tariffs, buses, and other issues at his first ever press conference.

Was the Lufthansa Logo Designed by a Ukrainian artist?

The Lufthansa brand is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and it is worth USD 4 billion. Ukrainian-language websites claim that the author of Lufthansa’s logo was Ukrainian Robert Lisovsky while English-language websites claim that the author was Otto Firle. We tried to find out where the truth lies.

How to Revive Air Transport Operations in Ukraine: 7 Components of the New Market Model by Pyvovarskyi

Journalists from the CFTS portal met with Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Andrii Pyvovarskyi to discuss the model of the aviation market to which the country is aspiring. The minister listed the seven components of this new market model.

Twelve Advantages Of National Airport Network: Lithuanian Experience

A year ago Lithuania merged three main national airports into an airport network managed by state-run enterprise Lietuvos oro uostai. Its CEO Gediminas Almantas wrote an exclusive column for the CFTS about advantages of Lithuanian airport network.

Interview With MTBS Director Steven Bouckaert

In an exclusive interview with CFTS, the director of the Dutch financial and advisory firm MTBS, Steven Bouckaert, talks about the prospects of the Ukrainian port industry, improvement of its investment climate, and investments at a time of financial instability.

The New Law For Ukrainian Railways: Five Key Aspects

The draft law on railways that was published for debate includes several revolutionary aspects. For example, it provides for creation of private locomotive traction and equal access to infrastructure. This is because of the need for the law to meet the standards of the European Union.

Interview With Dmytro Kiva: the Antonov State Enterprise’s Plans in Poland

In an interview with the Polish portal, the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise’s General Designer Dmytro Kiva discusses cooperation with Poland and the prospects of the Russian aircraft manufacturing industry.

Meet Newcastlemax: the Benefits of Working with Large-Tonnage Vessels at Ukrainian Ports

The latest achievement at the Yuzhny port a Newcastlemax-class was loaded at berth. How does this affect the revenue of the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine (ASU) and how can stevedores and cargo owners benefit from the use of such "maritime heavyweights?"

Why Ukrzaliznytsia Decided To Restructure Its Debts

Head of Advisory at CFTS-Consulting Andrii Shkliar comments the Ukrzaliznytsia's decision to restructure its debts.

Interview with Brooklyn-Kiev: the Prosecutor's Office is Lobbying for the Interests of our Competitors

In a candid interview with CFTS, Yurii Hubankov, the general director of Brooklyn-Kiev, one of the biggest private stevedoring companies in Ukraine, explains why his company is in the crosshairs of the prosecutor’s office, who is behind it, and the tools for protecting the company’s business in Ukraine

Infrustructure trap in Ukraine: where is the log-out?

Director оf Centre for transport strategies Serhiy Vovk talk about infrastructure problems in Ukraine at symposium "Ukraine: Escape from Post-Soviet Legacy". The most problematic zone of high importance for Ukrainian economy is railway, thinks expert.

War Rail Express: How Passenger Trains are Launched in the Occupied Part of the Donbass

The Lugansk-Yasinovataya train, the first regular passenger train in the occupied part of the Donbass, covers 150 kilometers in six hours. Conductors in Ukrzaliznytsia uniform serve few passengers. Anti-mine platforms are in front of the locomotive.

Without Wizz Air: What Forced the Only Low-Cost Airline in Ukraine to Withdraw from the Market

The Ukrainian subsidiary of the Wizz Air Hungary budget airline is ending operations on the eve of the tourist season. Apparently, investors fear for their investments because they see no improvement in Ukraine, and they are hastily evacuating their assets from the country.

Interview with Freightliner PL: the Litmus Test Will be the Development of the Existing Operators in Ukraine

Konstantin Skorik, the head of the Polish division of the British rail operator Freightliner, discusses reform of Ukrzaliznytsia and the conditions under which his company will enter the Ukrainian market in an exclusive interview with CFTS.

How to Improve Agro-Logistics: Determining the Sore Spots

CFTS Consulting was a consultant on the World Bank’s project involving preparation of an action plan on elimination of the negative factors in agro-logistics for the government. The company’s lead expert Andrii Shkliar discusses the results of the first phase of the project.

Evolution Or Revolution On the Railways: Polish and Ukrainian Experts Discuss Which is Better

Should private companies be granted access to railway infrastructure in Ukraine? The European Union once forced Poland to do this. The Polish now believe that competition on the railways has justified itself. Ukrainians agree with this only partially.

Will Private Traction Come to the Aid of Ukrzaliznytsia?

The state of the locomotive fleet is approaching a critical point, but there is no money for modernization at Ukrzaliznytsia. We attempt to find out the conditions under which private capital can be used to upgrade traction rolling stock in Ukraine

How to Improve Control Procedures in Ports: a Recipe from the European Union

The European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) has prepared a set of recommendations on improving border management and reducing opportunities for corruption in the Odessa and Ilyichevsk seaports. What will Ukrainian regulatory authorities have to do?

Interview with the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure: How Ukrzaliznytsia Will Be Reformed

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kava on future reform of Ukrzaliznytsia, the State Railway Agency, and plans for electrification of tracks and development of high-speed passenger service in an exclusive interview with the CFTS

Eight Key Points from the Final Press Conference by the Odessa Port Administration’s Head

The head of the Odessa port administration, Mykhailo Sokolov, admits that the rates of port charges are several times higher than the rates at European ports. At the same time, he opposes reduction of the charges. Why? Read his last press conference.

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