How Will Ukrzaliznytsia Upgrade Its Commuter Trains?

Commuter trains are one of the most popular modes of passenger transport in Ukraine, but they are unprofitable and more than 90% of the rolling stock is obsolete. What is the way out of this situation?

Bringing Locomotives Back to Life in the City of Shipbuilders

Mykolaiv was given this unofficial name because four shipyards are located in the city. However, very few people know about the Mykolaiv diesel locomotive repair plant.

Extremely Simple: How China’s CHEC is Dredging the Yuzhny Port

China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) has begun dredging work in the waters of the Yuzhny port. What is the specific nature of the dredging process, how many vessels will be involved in it, and why is a suction dredger waiting for work?

Hello! Laundry? How Ukrzaliznytsia Washes Linen

A CFTS report on the operation of the Kyiv-Passazhyrskyi train depot’s laundry complex and an interview with Ukrzaliznytsia’s director of passenger transportation and services Ihor Romankiv on the Ukrzaliznytsia management’s vision for development of its laundry facilities.

Only The Strongest Will Survive: On Perspective And Challenges For Ground-Handling In Polish Airports

Polish experts Sebastian Gosciniarek and Pawel Zagrajek explain, how the accession of Poland to the EU changed local ground handling market, with what difficulties the providers of the services faced and what future is waiting for the Polish handlers.

KPI for Ukrzaliznytsia: Push Off From the Bottom

A system of key performance indicators for Ukrzaliznytsia will help make the monopoly commercially and operationally more successful while allowing assessment of its management’s performance "without politics"

The Lost Port: How Ukraine Will Dispose Of Its Asset In Vietnam

What is the seaport that was has suddenly been "discovered" in Saigon, what does the Ministry of Infrastructure intend to do with it, and which other overseas assets can Ukraine claim?

Railcar Manufacturers Increase Production 2.5-Fold In 2016

The railcar manufacturing industry grew significantly in 2016, but the growth was from a very low base because only 1,100 railcars were produced in 2015

A Review of 2016 in the Transport Industry

Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelian estimates the results of 2016 for transport industry.

The Plastic Airplane: a Review of the World's First Bombardier CS300 Airliner

The Bombardier CS300 is a completely new medium-range, narrow-body airliner that is intended to challenge the Airbus 320 and the Boeing 737 airliners.

Unanswered Questions: How Ukraine’s Transport Strategy Was Discussed

A short summary of the public debate on the preparation of Ukraine’s National Transport Strategy: general phrases instead of concrete figures

The Kazakh American: How General Electric’s Locomotive Works In Subcarpathia

The Ivano-Frankivskсement company bought a TE33A locomotive manufactured by General Electric from Kazakhstan three years ago. The CFTS portal finds out how the locomotive has performed and why the company is operating it on Ukrzaliznytsia’s routes

Container Transshipment Capacity In Ukraine: One Working, Four Watching?

Only one-fifth of Ukraine’s container transshipment facilities are assured of cargo flows. Owners of container terminals are handling non-core cargoes to ensure utilization of their capacities

Drones: Dawn of a New Era

The drones has a great potential to save lives, increase safety, produce new jobs and boost economy growth. And 2016 is a great year for the future of commercial drones.

The Board’s Platform: Where Ukrzaliznytsia’s Leadership is Leading the Company

Members of the board of the Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company met with business representatives and journalists to discuss the current state of affairs and announce their plans for further reform of the railway industry. We publish the most interesting quotes from them.

Yurii Vaskov: I am Not Striving to Return to Government Agencies at this Stage (Part 2)

In the second part of his interview with the CFTS portal, former deputy minister of infrastructure Yurii Vaskov spoke about establishment of a maritime administration, reform of the Ukrainian Port Authority, the new strategy for development of the maritime industry, port charges, and Ukraine’s transit potential.

Yurii Vaskov: I am Not Striving to Return to Government Agencies at this Stage (Part 1)

In an interview with the CFTS portal, Yurii Vaskov discusses his attitude to work in state agencies, the new structure of the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, the long-standing problems in his industry, and why reforms are moving so slowly.

The An-178’s Silk Road: What is Known about Antonov’s Deal with Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani airline, Silk Way Airlines, has become the first serious buyer for the An-178 aircraft. Several details of the contract, as well as when and where the carrier will use the Ukrainian aircraft, have emerged.

How high port charges hampering Ukraine’s export (opinion)

Andrey Smirnov, Metinvest Group's head of seaborne shipments, about how high port charges are hampering the development of Ukraine’s export potential.

Airports vs Airlines: European Market Trends

Who dictates terms on the European air transport market, who "skims the cream," and what are low-cost airlines striving for? Notes from the "European Regional Airports 2016" forum.

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