Kryukov High-Speed Trains To Begin Operation Next Week

first trip will be on the Kiev-Lviv route.

China Will Become Full-Fledged Competitor To World's Aircraft Manufacturers In 25 Years

John Leahy believes that Chinese aircraft manufacturers will be able to offer serious competition to the industry’s leaders Boeing and Airbus in 25 years

Passenger Rail Services Between Russia And Ukraine Down 70%

Russian Railways is meeting the demand for transportation and Ukrainian trains are operating smoothly on all routes to Russia.

Ukraine International Airlines To Lose 25% Of Its Fleet

The aircraft fleet of the airline company Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) will reduce by approximately 25% in 2014.

Airbus Does Not Advise Antonov To Compete With A400M

There will be no equivalent in the world, not in Ukraine or even in America.

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