Another Country Joins Viking Railway Project

The Romanian company CFR Marfa SA, which provides railway freight services, will participate in the project.

Infrastructure Ministry Hoping For Purchase Of 12,000 Railcars From Ukrainian Factories In Two Years

Railway enterprises hope to purchase 2,800 gondola cars and 2,400 grain cars this year and buy 3,650 gondola cars and 3,000 grain cars next year.

Media: Antonov Blocks Program For Re-Motorization Of Russia’s An-2 Airplanes

The program for re-motorization of An-2 airplanes is being implemented by the Chaplygin Siberian Aviation Research Institute (Novosibirsk).


The Port and the City: How to Find a Balance of Interests

The latest step in the reform of seaports may be involvement of municipal authorities in development of seaports. Private businesses propose attracting the interest of local authorities through financial incentives – by transferring part of port charges into municipal budgets. What do mayor’s offices think about this?

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