Gdansk Port Obtains Loan That Will Allow It To Play In World’s Big League

The container terminal at the port of Gdansk (DCT Gdańsk) has received a loan of EUR 290 million for construction of a second deep-water berth

Ukraine Begins Importing Coke From China

The need to enter the Chinese market is attributed to the fighting in the Donbass industrial region of Ukraine

Project For Restoration Of Waterway From Gdansk To Kherson Presented In Brussels

The East Poland House in Brussels has presented a project for restoration of the waterway from Gdansk (Poland) to Kherson (Ukraine).

Supplier Of South African Coal Declines New Deals With Ukraine

Steel Mont Trading Ltd intends to reduce the supply of South African coal to Ukraine from the planned 1 million tons to 0.5 million tons to avoid reputational risks.

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