Infrastructure Ministry To Disclose Structure And Financial Information About All Enterprises Under Its Control

Information about the financial condition, facilities, and personnel potential of all the institutions, organizations, and enterprises under the Ministry of Infrastructure will be made publicly available on the website

Kernel Division Leases Warehouse For Creation Of Grain Terminal At Ilyichevsk Port

Transgrainterminal and the Ilyichevsk Commercial Seaport also concluded an agreement on participation in maintenance of port infrastructure

CTI Denies Ilyichevsk Port’s Claims About Transshipment Targets

UAH 73.826 million was transferred to the state-owned Ilyichevsk Commercial Seaport in 2014 and UAH 59.108 million in 2013


How to Improve Control Procedures in Ports: a Recipe from the European Union

The European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) has prepared a set of recommendations on improving border management and reducing opportunities for corruption in the Odessa and Ilyichevsk seaports. What will Ukrainian regulatory authorities have to do?

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