Ukrzaliznytsia Hoping For Additional Revenue Of UAH 600 Million In 2016

"Today, we come to the point that we are transporting passengers over a distance of 80 kilometers for UAH 10," Zavhorodnyi said.

China Emerges As World Leader In Electric Vehicle Sales

Thanks to government support in the form of tax breaks and subsidies, production of electric cars in China has been booming for the past two years.

UIA To Benefit More From Open Skies With EU Than Foreign Carriers - Mayberg

According to him, the UIA already flies to all destinations simultaneously with major European airlines.


What Ukraine is Offering Turkey as Replacement for Russian Products

Experts estimate the annual volume of agricultural products that Russian exports to the Turkish market at USD 2.4 billion and the annual volume of mining and metals products at USD 1.6 billion. Russia’s sanction against Turkey opens prospects for Ukrainian exports to Turkey to increase by USD 4 billion.

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