China Welcomes Establishment Of Silk Road Through Ukraine, Bypassing Russia

China has welcomed Ukraine’s launch of a new train on the Silk Road trade route through Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and China, bypassing Russia. The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s official representative Hua Chunying announced this.

Export Of Ukrainian Railcars To Russia Reduces Five-Fold In One Year

Export of freight cars to Russia by Ukrainian railcar enterprises reduced by 3,400 or 80% to 700 in 2015.

Antonov To Launch Production Of Attack Drones

Production of attack drones is beginning in Ukraine. They will be produced at the Antonov aircraft manufacturing plant.

Cargo Transshipment At Mariupol Seaport Reduces By One-Third In 2015

Cargo transshipment at the Mariupol seaport (Donetsk region) reduced by 30.9% to 8.984 million tons in 2015, compared with the previous year.

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