New Competition For Director Of Boryspil Airport To Begin In September

The previous competition for the post of director of the Boryspil airport was held in 2015.

Aviakor To Pay Antonov USD 2.9 Million For Use Of Trademark

The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has won a case against the Aviakor aircraft plant over remuneration (royalties) for the use of a trademark during manufacture.

UIA To Double Number Of Flights From Kyiv To Ivano-Frankivsk In Autumn

The relevant changes will take effect on 30 October and remain in place throughout the 2016/2017 winter season.

Kyiv’s Illegal Bus Parks To Be Transformed Into Bus Stations

The places where motor carriers park their buses illegally in Kyiv will be granted legal status in the near future, and they will become bus stations of the lowest category.

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