Turkish Airlines Seeking To Increase Number Of Flights On Routes To Ukraine

Turkish Airlines airline is ready to increase the number of flights on the existing routes to Ukraine if this is agreed at the intergovernmental level. This was announced by the head of the airline’s Kyiv office, Dinçer Sayıcı.

Balczun And Omelian Launch First Kyiv-Mykolaiv-Kherson Train

The first Kyiv-Mykolaiv-Kherson train of the Intercity class departed on Tuesday, 5 July.

Flights To Odesa, Lviv, Turkey, And Egypt To Be Launched From Poltava Airport

Poltava is seriously considering resumption of full operation of the local airport. The promising flight destinations include Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Greece. Domestically, flights may also be launched to Odesa and Lviv.

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