Ukraine To Consider Vessels Sailing To Russian Ports As Carriers Of Military Cargo

This also applies to vessels sailing to Ukrainian seaports in the territories temporarily occupied by Russia.

Ryanair Unveils USD-3-Billion Investment Plan To Revive Ukraine’s Aviation Industry

The plan provides for basing up to 30 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft at three major airports in Ukraine.

Nova Poshta To Enter Austrian, French, Italian, And Spanish Markets By End Of Year

The company also plans to launch operations in Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, and Hungary in the third quarter of 2023.

Russians Step Up Grain Exports From Occupied Skadovsk Port To Russian Ports

The occupiers are exporting newly harvested grain.

Ukraine Establishing Temporary Maritime Route To Facilitate Grain Deliveries

The additional route will lead to the territorial waters and exclusive maritime economic zone of Romania, which is a NATO country.

Transport Employers Federation Insists Ukrainian Ports Must Be Completely Unblocked

The Federation of Transport Employers also emphasizes that Ukraine should not limit itself to grain, which accounted for only 40% of Ukrainian ports’ cargo base before the war.

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