Komisiano Investments Ltd (Cyprus), which was founded by businessman Vadim Novinsky in 2012, intends to increase its shares in the Smart Holding company (Kiev) to more than 75%. This was announced in a statement published on the website of the Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports.

The Serbian regulator has permitted Komisiano Investments to increase its shares in the company.

According to the information disclosure system of Ukraine’s National Commission on Securities and the Stock Market, 75.1% of the shares in Smart-Holding are registered to Optimabest Management Ltd (Britain) and 24.9% to Adeona Holdings Ltd (Cyprus).

According to a statement published on the website of the London Stock Exchange in late 2010, the owner of the Smart Holding Group at that time was the Energees Investments company owned by businessmen Vadim Novinsky and Andrii Klyamko.

Smart Holding owns 23.75% of the mining and metallurgical group Metinvest, 95% of shipbuilding holding Smart Maritime Group, 99.97% of the trade and finance company Santis LLC. Smart Holding also owns major assets in the energy, property development, and agricultural industries.

The main beneficiary of Smart Holding is Vadim Novinsky. He resigned as the chairman of the company’s supervisory board in July in connection with his election as a parliamentary deputy.