The Center for Transport Strategies (CFTS) has published the Transport Book 2023, the seventh edition of its unique guide to Ukraine's transport system.

In 2022, we were forced to pause the publication of the guide because of the Russian invasion, the massive destruction of infrastructure, and the challenges faced by the country, businesses, and every citizen. The past two years have demonstrated the resilience of the country and in particular the transportation industry, which is the "lifeblood" of the economy. Some of the infrastructure that was destroyed has been rebuilt.

Therefore, the CFTS updated the Transport Book in 2023 to provide a comprehensive picture of Ukraine's transportation system, which will need to be upgraded.

"The war continues today. However, we have a dream of a new future for Ukraine and plans for a major reconstruction of the country. Not just the reconstruction of the destroyed assets, but the creation of a new quality of infrastructure and transportation system. Build Back Better should become one of the main principles of Ukraine's reconstruction. This is a big challenge, but I am confident that we will pass this test with flying colors," said Serhii Vovk, director of the Center for Transport Strategies.

Transport Book 2023 contains over 400 trends and over 4,000 facts that provide a comprehensive systemic overview of freight flows and the basic indicators of Ukraine's transport infrastructure.

The book is divided into six sections:

- Transport Infrastructure Overview;

- Railways;

- Ports;

- Road Infrastructure;

- Aviation;

- Investment and Reconstruction Needs.

The guide is available only in English.

To purchase the Transport Book 2023, please contact [email protected]