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Ukrainian industrial company Interpipe has signed an agreement to supply railway wheels to Greenbrier Corporation.

Oleksandr Harkavyi, director of the Railway Products Division at Interpipe, announced this in an interview with the CFTS portal.

Asked about the largest contracts signed by the company recently, Harkavyi said: "Interpipe signed the largest contract with Greenbrier, the largest manufacturer of railcars in Europe. Its parent company is American, but the plant to which we are to supply a significant volume of wheelsets is located in Poland."

According to Harkavyi, the Ukrainian manufacturer plans to supply 20,000 wheelsets (equivalent to 40,000 wheels) to the freight car segment of the European market in 2024. In addition, it plans to supply almost 105,000 wheels under other contracts.

Commenting on cooperation with other companies, Harkavyi said: "We have orders from Siemens to supply products for various trains in the UK, Thailand and India. We recently received a new order for trains in Germany. We also have a contract with Alstom to supply locomotive wheels to India."

In general, Interpipe's railway wheels have about a 5% share of the passenger segment of the European market and about a 50% share of the freight segment.