Італія відділення

Nova Post, the brand under which the Ukrainian postal and logistics company Nova Poshta operates in Europe, has launched a service for the delivery of documents, parcels, and cargoes of up to 100 kilograms between the European countries where it has offices.

Nova Poshta announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

The service is already available in all the countries where Nova Poshta operates, except Moldova, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

The minimum delivery time between countries is two days. The delivery cost depends on the shipment's weight and the distance between countries.

"Using deliveries from Poland as an example, it costs PLN 43 to deliver a 2 kg parcel to a Nova Post office in Germany and PLN 65 to deliver it to Spain. Add PLN 10 to the cost if a courier service delivers the parcel," the company said.