The closure of the sea and the blocking of merchant ships’ access to Ukrainian ports by the Russian army threaten the global food supply chain because most of Ukraine's agricultural products are exported by sea.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Ports of Ukraine publication.

"Sixty percent of the agricultural products in Ukraine are exported through seaports. The closure of ports and the sea by the Russian army threatens the global food supply chain. Defending Ukraine is also protecting the world from hunger," the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry said in the statement.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry called on Ukraine’s partners to condemn the Russian Navy’s piracy in the Black Sea and respond appropriately to stop Russia’s maritime banditry.

Wheat futures on the Chicago Stock Exchange reached their highest level since 2008 on Monday, 7 March, due to fears that global supplies will be disrupted until the end of the war in Ukraine.

As reported earlier, the Russian army fired at the port of Olvia, specifically the territory of QTerminals Olvia, on 6 March. The Russian military fired on the Estonian cargo ship, Helt, 20 miles from Odesa on 3 March, as a result of which the ship sank.