Technical experts from the Ryanair airline were satisfied with their visit to Ukraine on Wednesday, and the Irish low-cost airline’s plans to launch flights to Ukraine are on schedule.

Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian announced this during an Internet conference in on 4 April.

"The visit of an operational mission took place today. They are satisfied with the visit. Everything is on schedule," the minister said.

The team of technical experts from the Ryanair airline visited Ukraine on Wednesday to examine the technical conditions of the airports at which the low-cost airline intends to operate.

Omelian stressed again that Ryanair would definitely launch operations in Ukraine despite all the rumors to the contrary. "Ryanair will fly from Boryspil and Lviv in autumn 2017. There is no discussion,” he said. The minister expressed satisfaction that the Boryspil airport will receive additional impulse to develop as a hub airport.

Asked which documents have already been signed with the Irish low-cost airline, the minister said: "Everything is OK! Everything is working. I think there will be no disruptions."

The Boryspil airport’s General Director Pavlo Riabikin recently said that the airport was not yet ready to accept the financial conditions under which Ryanair was offering to operate.