Ukraine sent almost 50 letters to leading maritime powers and associations with information about the invasion of the Russian Federation of Ukraine and the facts of its gross violation of international maritime law. We demand to ban maritime traffic with the Russian Federation ports and the servicing of Russian ships in foreign ports.

We are now preparing a regulatory document regarding the fencing of navigation at the territorial waters of   Ukraine, as well as entry to the seaports of Ukraine:

• Ships under the flag of the Russian Federation;

• Ships, owners, participants (shareholders, part-owners), or beneficiaries are citizens of the Russian Federation, legal entities registered in RF, as well as individuals and legal entities subjects to sanctions. (according to Law of Ukraine “On Sanctions”)

In addition, the entry of ships under the flag of Ukraine to the ports of the Russian Federation will be blocked.

The Government of Ukraine is expected to adopt two decisions today:

•  termination of the agreement on the use of inland waterways with Belarus;

• on the closure of Ukrainian ports for Russian-flagged vessels, the prohibition of Ukrainian vessels entering Russian ports, and the main appeal to the IMO to spread this information and implement similar sanctions by other countries.

For security reasons, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has established the 3rd level of security in seaports.

Sanctions have already been imposed by the UK. In connection with Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, the British Ministry of Transport has decided to ban the entry into ports of ships that are in any way connected with the Russian Federation.

This is a ban on vessels flying the flag of the Russian Federation or used by individuals and legal entities related to the Russian Federation or subject to sanctions.