Transport Enterprises In Continental Ukraine Reduce Cargo Transportation By 0.4%

The cargo turnover of Ukrainian transport enterprises reduced by 0.8% to 206.6 billion ton-kilometers in January-July.

Metinvest Begins Transshipping Steel Sheets In Roadsteads

The BeiHai vessel has been loaded with an additional 8,000 tons of steel sheets

State Aviation Service Introduces Special Transit Requirements For Aeroflot And Transaero

These airlines can fly through Ukraine’s airspace only by obtaining permission for each individual flight


Deviation Off Course: How Ukraine Is Making Life Difficult For Russia’s Largest Airlines

Instead of sanctions, the State Aviation Service imposed only restrictions on the transit flights of two Russian carriers - Aeroflot and Transaero - through Ukraine’s airspace. What will be the impact of this step on the industry: declarative or ample room for machinations?

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