Transport enterprises in Ukraine, excluding those in the Crimea and Sevastopol, reduced cargo transportation by 0.4% to 411.9 million tons in January-July 2014, compared with January-July 2013, the Interfax Ukraine news agency reports, citing the State Statistics Service.

The cargo turnover of Ukrainian transport enterprises reduced by 0.8% to 206.6 billion ton-kilometers in January-July.

Cargo transportation by rail reduced by 1.6% to 203.5 million tons, including a reduction of 1.7% in cargo shipments. Shipment of grain and milled products increased by 24.4%, timber by 7.4%, ferrous metals by 1.9%, and bituminous coal by 0.2%. Shipment of iron and manganese ores reduced by 0.1%, construction materials by 8.5%, cement by 6.7%, coke by 11.3%, crude oil and petroleum products by 38.3%, ferrous scrap metal by 16.2%, and chemical and mineral fertilizers by 32.3%.

According to the State Statistics Service, cargo transportation by Ukrainian sea and river fleets increased by 12.1% to 2.9 million tons in January-July 2014.

The volume of cargo transshipment at the country’s commercial and fishing ports, as well as at industrial berths (sea and river) increased by 7.3% to 80.9 million tons. Transshipment of import goods reduced by 17.8%, transshipment of export goods increased by 18.9%, transshipment of domestic cargo reduced by 18.3%, and transshipment of transit cargo reduced by 7.6%.

In addition, according to the State Statistics Service, trucking companies transported 107 million tons of cargo (including the volume transported by individual entrepreneurs) in January-July 2014, which is 10.3% more than they transported in January-July 2013. Their cargo turnover increased by 1.8% to 22.2 billion ton-kilometers.

Ukrainian airline companies transported 41,400 tons of cargo in January-July 2014, which is 26.3% less than they transported in January-July 2013