UIA Introduces Permanent 50% Discount On Tickets On 23 Routes If Purchased 150 Days Before Departure

The smart prices apply to tickets for flights from Kiev to Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Dubai, London, Milan, Rome, Barcelona

Russian Rail Operators Note Sharp Increase In Coke Deliveries From Russia To Ukraine

Deliveries of Russian coke to this destination has increased by 2.5-fold in 2014

Prediction: Coal Exports From Ukraine Will Disappear

Export of coal by rail reduced almost three-fold to 191,000 tons in August, compared with July


Saving the UIA: Anti-Crisis Solutions For Country's Largest Airline

The largest airline in Ukraine finds itself on the brink of bankruptcy, and it is asking the government for USD 100 million in financial support. However, is this really the only way out? We consider how to save the company at a time of crisis.

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