Ukraine Increases Exports Of Goods To EU By Road, Significantly Reduces Exports To Russia

Transportation of Ukrainian goods by road to countries of the CEA Customs Union in monetary terms reduced by 16 percent

Trade Union: AeroSvit Still Owes Former Employees UAH 110 Million

Trade unions have managed to recover more than UAH 40 million out of the debt by appealing to various institutions.

Trade Unions: Ukrainian Airline Workers May Go On Strike

Violations of the labor laws are being observed at almost all the airlines in Ukraine.

Kruk Freed On Bail

After his release, Kruk said there was a plan to purchase equipment for an elevator jointly with Chinese businessmen.


Roads Getting Worse: How to Stop the Degradation of Ukraine’s Roads

The destruction of Ukraine’s roads will stop if it is ensured that the existing fuel surcharge (UAH 2.6 per liter of gasoline) is used for the intended purpose and if there is proper enforcement of size and weight requirements. What do officials and representatives of the automobile market think about this?

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