State Aviation Service Chairman Signs All Air Route Allocations

The chairman of the State Aviation Service, Denys Antoniuk, has signed the decisions on allocation of air routes to airlines that the commission on allocation of air routes adopted at a meeting on 26 June.

TIS Expects 3-4% Increase In Cargo Traffic This Year

The TIS Group of Marine Terminals (Yuzhny, Odessa region) expects its cargo traffic to increase by 3-4% this year.

Ukraine And US To Sign Agreement On Liberalization Of Air Transport On July 14

Ukraine and the United States plan to sign an agreement on liberalization of air transport between the two countries on Tuesday, 14 July. Minister of Infrastructure Andrii Pyvovarskyi announced this.


Was the Lufthansa Logo Designed by a Ukrainian artist?

The Lufthansa brand is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and it is worth USD 4 billion. Ukrainian-language websites claim that the author of Lufthansa’s logo was Ukrainian Robert Lisovsky while English-language websites claim that the author was Otto Firle. We tried to find out where the truth lies.

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