Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority And Bulgarian Port Company Agree To Cooperate

A memorandum of cooperation between the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority and the Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (the Bulgarian counterpart of the USPA) was signed during a working visit to Bulgaria by experts from the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.

Odesa regional administration Explains Reason For Refusal To Allocate Land To Allseeds Near Yuzhny Port

The Odesa regional administration did not grant permission for allocation of land to the Allseeds Black Sea company for construction of a berth at the Yuzhny port because the company failed to comply with the requirements of the law.


Why Vessel Calls at Ukrainian Ports are the Most Expensive in the World

Ukrainian ports are losing the competition on the world market - their services are four times more expensive than the services of Chinese and Brazilian ports and even the services of the Romanian port of Constanta. What can be done not to scare but attract cargoes?

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