Nibulon To Begin Transporting Passengers On High-Speed Hydrofoil Boats

An-225 Mriya Sets South America Cargo Transport Record

This was the first visit to Chile by an An-225 aircraft

Ukrainian Ports Will Be Able To Handle Up To 157 Million Tons Of Grains By 2020

Construction of 36 facilities for transshipment of grain cargoes is planned by the year 2020.

New Boryspil Director Will Be Required To Bring Low-Cost Airlines To Terminal F Or B Within 6 Months – Omelian

Five candidates have been selected for the post of general director of the Boryspil airport


Ukraine should establish the priorities of its transport policy – Interview with Philippe Burghelle-Vernet

Why do Ukraine need a brand new transport strategy, what key points should it contain, when will the final edition be ready, and what is the mechanism of its implementation – Philippe Burghelle-Vernet, transport expert of Support Group for Ukraine, in an interview to the CFTS.

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