The transshipment capacity of Ukrainian ports could reach 157.3 million tons of grain per year by the year 2020. The Ukrainian Port Authority’s head Viacheslav Voronyi made such an assessment in a column for the CFTS portal.

According to him, the minimum amount of grain that Ukrainian ports will be able to handle by that date is 92.3 million tons.

"Construction of 36 facilities for transshipment of grain cargoes is planned by the year 2020. Ten of them with a combined capacity of 33.8 million tons per year are already under construction and 26 with a combined capacity of 65 million tons per year are ‘on paper,’" Voronyi wrote.

He noted that Ukraine exported nearly 39.5 million tons of grain in the 2015/16 marketing year, which is 13.5% more than it exported in the previous marketing year. Exports are projected to increase to 41 million tons in the current marketing year. This will be a new record for export of Ukrainian grain.

The Ukrainian Port Authority estimates that Ukrainian port operators are capable of receiving and processing 58.5 million tons of grain cargoes per year.