Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelian has announced that five candidates have been selected for the post of general director of the Boryspil airport and that he plans to ask each one of them to provide a written undertaking to bring new low-cost carriers to the airport’s terminals F or B within six months of winning the competition for the post.

In addition, the future general director of the airport will restore order in the area of lease of the airport’s facilities and ensure equal access to its services and facilities.

"Within a period of six months: 1) hold and fruitfully complete negotiations with low-cost airlines and ensure that the operate flights from the terminal B or F, which are currently empty; 2) ensure equal access to services and facilities, taking into account the frequency of flights and the justified requests of airline companies; 3) restore order and ensure transparency in the area of lease at the airport and parking space," Omelian wrote on his Facebook page.

In addition, within a year, the new general director of the airport will be required to resolve the issue of the unfinished car parking facilities at the airport, ensure provision of reliable services on the territory adjoining the airport, and ensure corporatization of the airport.

Within two years, the new general director will be required to ensure that at least 40% of the airport’s revenues come from non-aviation services.

According to the minister, the Nomination Committee can be expected to meet in the near future to decide which of the five finalists to recommend to Cabinet of Ministers for appointment as the general director of the airport.