Over 400 Skoda Cars Assembled In Zakarpattia In September

The Eurocar plant even increased car assembly compared with the same month last year.

32 Iranian-Made Shahed-136 Kamikaze Drones Delivered To Belarus From Russia - Military Intelligence

In response, Belarus provides the Russian occupation army with material and technical support and ammunition from its warehouses.

Bulgaria Comments On Russia’s Claim That Truck That Exploded On Crimean Bridge Came From Bulgaria

Commenting on Russia's statements, the European Commission noted that Crimea is part of Ukraine and said that the Kerch bridge is an illegal structure.

Renfe Mercancías Train Loaded With Ukrainian Grain Arrives In Barcelona

The Spanish Ministry of Transport noted that long-distance transportation of freight by rail requires great efforts to coordinate between the various participants in the process.

7 Ships Leave Odesa, Pivdennyi, And Chornomorsk Ports On Tuesday Under Grain Initiative

7 million tons of agricultural products have been exported since the departure of the first ship carrying Ukrainian food

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