NATO Calls On Russia To Extend Grain Agreement

The NATO secretary general has called on Russia not to prevent the supply of food to those who need it the most.

Poland Ready To Help Ukraine With Post-War Reconstruction Of Airports

Poland is also offering expert consulting services on airport-related investments and airport development planning.

British Petroleum Remains ‘Shadow’ Rosneft Shareholder - Sechin

The British company allegedly retains all its shareholder rights in the Russian company.

Second Vessel Carrying Ukrainian Grain Arrives In Algeria Under ‘Grain Initiative’

The vessel covered the distance from the port of Chornomorsk to the port of Algiers in 25 days, out of which it idled for 14 days in the Bosporus, waiting for inspection by the JCC.

Reconstruction Of War-Damaged Granaries Estimated To Cost USD 1 Billion – KSE Institute

The total storage capacity of destroyed granaries is up to 6.5 million tons of products, and the storage capacity of damaged granaries is 3 million tons.

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