EBRD Approves Loan Of EUR 23 Million For Rehabilitation Of Moldovan Railways To Facilitate Ukrainian Transit Traffic

The European Union will provide EUR 20 million and the government of Moldova EUR 28 million.

Russians Sink 3 Ships Belonging To Argo Shipping Company

The Ukrainian shipping company continues to develop its fleet despite this.

India To Buy More Russian Crude Oil

India significantly increased its imports of Russian crude oil after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

804,000 Tons Of Agricultural Products Exported Through Greater Odesa Ports Last Week

In total, almost 26 million tons of agricultural products have been exported since the opening of the ‘grain corridor.’


Five Questions About the State Fund for Insuring Civilian Ships

Ukraine is looking for ways to restore shipping in the Black Sea fully. For this purpose, it is introducing a mechanism for compensating shipowners for potential damage to their ships by Russia. How and when will the mechanism come into effect?

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