Atlasglobal Airlines (Turkey) plans to create an alliance made up of nine of its subsidiary airlines. Atlasglobal Airlines’ president and owner Murat Ersoy announced this in Istanbul on December 5 in response to a question from a CFTS correspondent.

"We want to create subsidiary airlines not only in Ukraine. We want to invest in new airlines in Albania, Saudi Arabia, CIS countries – possibly in Russia or Kazakhstan – and we also plan to create an airline in the European Union, specifically in Romania. In the long term, we want to create an alliance of nine airlines," Ersoy said. According to him, such an alliance may emerge within 5-10 years.

As reported, Atlasglobal Airlines currently has only one subsidiary airline. It is called Atlasgate Ukraine, and it uses the Atlasglobal trademark. The carrier was registered in Ukraine in 2013, but it began operating flights only in 2015.

Until recently, the strategy of expanding an airline’s network of routes through creation of subsidiaries was used by Etihad Airways. However, Etihad Airways he sold several of its subsidiaries when it began having financial problems.