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Expert: Russia Circumvents Sanctions By Selling Crude Oil To Turkey, Which Exports It To EU

This generates billions of dollars in profit for Russia.

Two Ships With Stolen Ukrainian Grain Stop Near Bosporus

Earlier, they were loaded in the port of Sevastopol in the Russian-occupied Crimea.

A Turkish ship hits mine near the coast of Romania

The Russians are deploying new mines in the Black Sea to prevent shipping to Ukrainian ports.

Coal Mined In Russian-Occupied Ukrainian Territories Exported To Turkey In 2023

About 160,400 tons of coal from the occupied territories in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions arrived in Turkey between February and July 2023.

Turkish Navy Could Ensure Freedom Of Navigation In Black Sea - Opinion

This would allow Ukrainian ports to be unblocked fully, which would have a positive impact on the economy.

Turkish President Says Russia Has Agreed To Extend Black Sea Grain Deal

Erdogan said the deal would be extended beyond its current expiration date of 17 July through the efforts of the UN and Turkey.

Hungary Proposes Expanding Black Sea Grain Deal To 5 Ukrainian Ports

Hungary wants less Ukrainian grain to be transported through its territory.

NATO Can Ensure Navigation Safety And Operation Of Grain Corridor In Black Sea - Opinion

According to an expert, three countries - Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey - could ensure the safety of navigation in the Black Sea.

Turkey Announces Reopening Of Black Sea Grain Corridor - Media

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has announced that inspections of ships have resumed.

Ukraine Asks Turkey To Seize Vessel Carrying Stolen Grain

A vessel belonging to a UAE-based company is transporting 19,000 tons of Ukrainian grain stolen by Russians.

Turkey Stops Transit Of Goods Subject To EU And US Sanctions To Russia

Transit of such goods via Turkey was stopped from 1 March.

Russian Ship Loaded With Military Equipment Enters Black Sea

Vessel Traffic Through Bosporus Down 9% In 2022

Bulk carriers and general cargo ships accounted for the biggest reduction in the number of ships that passed through the strait.

Ukrainian Rescuers Fly To Turkey To Help Alleviate Earthquake Aftermath

In total, 87 personnel and 18 pieces of equipment were sent to Turkey.

2 Ships Damaged In Kherson Port Due To Russian Attack

A fire broke out on one of the ships.

Oil Tankers Pile Up In Bosporus Due To Insurance Verification

Turkey is demanding new proof of insurance because of the EU’s embargo on imports of Russian crude oil by sea.

Turkey To Propose Extending Grain Deal For Another Year

Turkey noted Russia has received the necessary guarantees from Ukraine.

Ukraine Proposes Turkey And UN Expand Grain Deal To Other Types Of Cargoes

A decision on the extension of the deal is expected next week.

Russian Defense Ministry Announces Russia Resuming Participation In ‘Grain Agreement’

The ministry said it had received written guarantees that Ukraine would not use the "grain corridor" to conduct military operations against Russia.

Baykar Aiming To Complete Construction Of Drone Factory In Ukraine In 2 Years

The company has completed the detailed design phase.

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