The Azov shipyard (Mariupol) repaired 29 vessels in 2018. The Mariupol Investment Group, which manages the shipyard, announced this to the CFTS portal

The shipyard sold products and provided services worth more than UAH 175.2 million in 2018, including UAH 61.2 million from repair of vessels.

The shipyard’s most in-demand area of operation is production of grabs. The shipyard is currently the largest manufacturer of grabs in Ukraine. It produced 42 in in 2018. In total, the in 2018 earned UAH 72.2 million from engineering products last year.

The shipyard handled 229,000 tons of cargo worth UAH 38.8 million.

It paid UAH 61.9 million in taxes and fees in 2018.

The shipyard employs about 850 people.

As reported earlier, the superstructure for a tanker, which was manufactured by the Azov shipyard, arrived in Croatia in late March. Earlier, the shipyard produced a record number of grabs for a customer based in Panama.