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3 Ships Carrying Ukrainian Grain To Russia Through Mariupol Port Identified

65 Ships May Have Entered Occupied Port Of Mariupol In 2023

This information comes from Russian collaborators, so it should be treated with caution.

Another Grain-Laden Ship Leaves Occupied Mariupol For Russia

The collaborators of the Russian occupiers claim that about 51,000 tons of cargo were shipped from the port in January-March.

Another Ship With 7,600 Tons Of Stolen Ukrainian Grain Leaves Mariupol Port

Since the beginning of the year, the occupiers have exported at least 30,000 tons of grain through the port.

Russian Occupiers Ship Over 29,000 Tons Of Stolen Grain From Mariupol Port In January-February

The agricultural products were shipped to Lebanon and Turkey.

Russians Plan To Steal 1 Million Tons Of Cargo Annually Through Mariupol Port

To do this, they plan to restore full-fledged rail traffic.

Russian Occupiers Ship 7,800 Tons Of Stolen Grain From Mariupol

Russians have shipped over 21,000 tons of stolen Ukrainian grain from the port since the beginning of 2024.

Russian Occupiers Send 5 Vessels With Stolen Grain From Mariupol Port In January

Five vessels were loaded with grain during the month.

Russians Illegally Transshipped More Than 140,000 Tons Of Cargo In The Port Of Mariupol in 2023

From Mariupol, cargo is taken to three Russian ports and Sevastopol.

Russian Occupiers Steal 14,000 Tons Of Grain Through Mariupol Port Since Beginning Of 2024

Two consignments of wheat taken from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine have been shipped.

Russian Occupiers Plan To Use Ukrainian Icebreaker ‘Captain Bilousov’

The Russians are preparing the ports of Mariupol and Berdiansk for winter operations.

Russians Send 17 Vessels With Stolen Cargo To Mariupol And Berdiansk In October

The occupiers claim that transshipment in the occupied ports increased compared with September.

Russian Occupiers Loading Coal Onto Ship In Mariupol

The bulk carrier can carry up to 9,000 tons of cargo.

First Sea-Going Ship Enters Port Of Occupied Mariupol

The adviser to the mayor of Mariupol noted that the ship has its own cranes and that its deadweight is greater than that of the ships of the RM-3 class that entered the port previously.

Batch Of Stolen Ukrainian Reinforcing Bars Delivered To Port Of Rostov-On-Don

This is the second time that the Russian occupiers have shipped this type of cargo from the port of Mariupol.

Russians Steal Two Vessels Moored In Mariupol Port Before Invasion

The occupiers are not releasing or returning the vessels Blue Star I and Smarta to their owners.

Russian Occupiers Simultaneously Loading 3 Commercial Vessels In Mariupol Port

The Occupiers Want To Increase The Production Of Clay And Limestone In The Captured Territories Of Donetsk Region

Mariupol port can be used to export stolen raw materials from temporarily occupied territories.

From The Beginning Of 2023 About 12 Ships With Stolen Cargo Left The Port Of Mariupol

Ships of the "river-sea" class with a maximum load of 5,000 tons enter the port.

Russian Occupiers Increase Number Of Ships Exporting Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Mariupol Port

The vessels are immediately sent to a roadstead for transshipment.

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