China National Technical Import & Export Corporation (CNTIC) has proposed building new tugs for the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company. CNTIC’s Vice President Zhang Zhonghua announced this proposal during talks with a delegation from the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, the CFTS reports.

"During discussions, the CNTIC’s Vice President Zhang Zhonghua proposed considering construction of new tugboats for the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company. Representatives of the Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard will calculate the cost of construction of the tug based on the characteristics of the UDP. If the cost is acceptable to the shipping company, funding from Chinese financial institutions may be obtained for construction of the barges," the UDP said.

According to the UDP’s head Dmytro Barynov, the shipping company is ready to consider this proposal. However, according to him, the priority remains installation of new engines and diesel generators on the company’s tugs.

As reported, the UDP presented a program for renewal of its fleet in late May. The main objectives of the company are modernization of 21 tugs through installation of new engines, as well as construction of 40 barges of the SLG type.