Volodymyr Omelian has been appointed as Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Infrastructure. He announced this on his Facebook page.

"The government approved me for the position of Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine today (17 December)... I am not backed by oligarchs, I have never paid money for appointment as a matter of principle, and I am mentally disloyal to the existing order. The only thing I can offer is my head, knowledge, and ability to perform quality work 24/7," he wrote.

According to him, he proceeds from the principle that the state should be "out of business," and he will engage in creating conditions for the functioning of an efficient market.

"The first conversation was frank: I was relieved to hear that we are working for the country, we have a carte blanche to change, and there will be no schemes and business interests behind our team. Therefore, I agreed. I met with the minister’s team this week, Great minds think alike. These are successful managers, who will also prove their abilities here. The main thing is for us to be allowed to do what we plan to do. If we are not allowed, we will do it anyway," said the deputy minister.

He also stressed that the country would be able to "make a qualitative leap forward just by getting rid of the corruption tax." "This will free up huge resources, and the next steps are up to the system and the right strategy," wrote Omelian.

According to the Ukrainska Pravda publication, Omelian was the Minister of the Cabinet Ministers’ chief of staff.