Four shipping locks on River Dnipro should be repaired next year to ensure safety of navigation.

Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Vladyslav Kryklyi announced this while presenting the Ministry of Infrastructure’s plan for 2020 and the next five years, the CFTS portal reports.

According to him, the volume of transportation by river should triple over the next five years.

"Development of river transport will allow us to ease the burden on roads and protect them from destruction. It will also facilitate creation of new jobs by increasing orders from Ukrainian shipbuilding companies," he said.

The volume of transportation by river is expected to triple. Implementation of reforms in the area of water transport will be a good incentive for expanding the capabilities of Ukraine’s transport infrastructure. Four shipping locks will be repaired in 2020 to ensure navigation safety, the Ministry of Infrastructure said on its website.

As reported earlier, the Ministry of Infrastructure has proposed spending 1% of the money in the Road Fund on development of inland waterways, particularly dredging of rivers and repair of shipping locks. "We have made provisions for this in a new bill, and 1% of the Road Fund (approximately UAH 740 million) will be allocated from the special fund annually to ensure dredging of rivers and repair of locks," Kryklyi said in October.

Kryklyi’s adviser Viktor Dovhan recently wrote in a blog on the CFTS portal that the first phase of dredging and repair of the Dnipro Cascade of hydroelectric power stations’ shipping locks would require EUR 32.5 million.

As reported earlier, there are six shipping locks on River Dnipro: the Kyiv, Kaniv, Kremenchuk, Dniprodzerzhynsk, ZRGS (Zaporizhia district hydraulic structures), and Kakhovka shipping locks.

The volume of cargo transportation on River Dnipro increased by 22.4% to 9,905,900 tons in 2018, compared with 8,095,400 tons a year earlier.