Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Vladyslav Kryklyi has announced the draft 2020 state budget’s projected expenditures on development of infrastructure.

"In terms of infrastructure, we would like more. We are ready to build everything at once, but the budget is not based on ghostly promises but on verified calculations," Kryklyi is quoted as saying.

According to him, UAH 73.7 billion will be allocated for financing road infrastructure, UAH 3.17 billion for road safety, UAH 500 million for construction and repair of bridges, UAH 1.07 billion for the construction and repair of airfield complexes, and UAH 116 million for maintenance of shipping locks.

"Programs for development of urban passenger transport in Ukrainian cities (UAH 400 million) and modernization of Ukrainian railways (UAH 200 million) are planned within the framework of international financial institutions’ projects. Of course, we are not planning to stop our cooperation with international financial institutions," Kryklyi said.