LEO Express, a Czech transport company, is launching two new bus services to Lviv. The new routes will connect the center of Western Ukraine with major European cities and the Vienna airport from 30 June. A trip from Lviv to Prague will cost EUR 16.6 while trip from Lviv to Vienna will cost EUR 11.1, the press service of the company said.

Both routes from Lviv are being introduced in the summer period. The Lviv-Vienna service will be performed exclusively by bus, which passes through Rzeszow, Krakow, Katowice, Bohumin, Ostrava, Brno, and the Vienna airport. Departure from Lviv is at 01:00, arrival in Katowice is at 08:35, arrival at the Vienna airport is at 15:20, and arrival at the Parndorf terminus (47 kilometer from Vienna) is at 15:40. The return service will depart from Parndorf at 16:50, arrive in Katowice at 00:05, and arrive in Lviv at 09:40.

The company will operate a combined (bus plus train) service on the Lviv-Prague route. Passengers will travel from Lviv by bus and transfer to a LEO Express train traveling to Prague in Bohumin. Buses will depart from Lviv twice a day – at 01:00 and at 05:55 – and arrive in Bohumin at 09:55 and 14:55. Arrival in Prague by train will be at 13:22 and 18:22. Return trips will begin at 11:11 and 19:11, the train will arrive in Bohumin at 14:55 and 22:55, and the bus will arrive in Lviv at 01:40 and 9:40.

Tickets for Lviv-Prague and Lviv-Vienna services are already on sale. A detailed timetable is available on the company’s website.

According to the company, it plans to offer a "1 + 1" promotion on these routes during July. A passenger that purchases a ticket will receive a free ticket for his or her companion. This promotion applies on LEO Express’ other new routes. Along with the services to Lviv, the Czech company is launching a bus route from Bohumin to Warsaw.

Passengers on these routes will be served free drinks and snacks. They will also have access to a Wi-Fi network. A new feature on the new routes will be a business class, in which passengers will have increased legroom, compared with other buses.

As reported, Leo Express launched a bus service on the Mukacheve – Uzhhorod - Kosice route in October 2015. This route connects to the company’s trains traveling to Prague. LEO Express expanded its network of bus routes to Germany in November 2015.

LEO Express was founded in 2010. Its owner and founder is Leoš Novotný. LEO Express operates Stadler Flirt trains on the Prague-Ostrava-Kosice route in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company also operates bus services on the Krakow-Katowice-Bohumin route, the Prague-Ceske Budejovice-Cesky Krumlov route, and the Košice-Uzhhorod-Mukacheve route.

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