LEO Express, a Czech transport company, is considering increasing the number of bus services on the Košice-Uzhhorod-Mukacheve route. The press service of the company announced this to the CFTS portal.

LEO Express launched a bus service from Košice through Uzhhorod to Mukacheve in October 2015. It operates a bus on this route once per day. On the return journey, the bus’ passengers transfer onto the company's trains traveling to Prague in Kosice. LEO Express operates Stadler Flirt trains on the Prague-Ostrava-Kosice route in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

According to the company, this is "one of the most popular bus routes that we serve."

LEO Express recently announced the launch of new bus routes from Europe to Lviv. The new routes will connect the center of Western Ukraine with major European cities and the Vienna airport Vienna.

LEO Express says it is constantly studying this issue of launching new routes to Ukraine, but it currently needs to assess the prospects of bus services to Lviv.

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